The Havline method

Finding new and better solutions is in the mindset of Sekkingstad. For decades we have introduced new ways of processing and distributing our seafood products.

Our latest and biggest introduction ever is the harvesting vessel Norwegian Gannet, a game changer and one of the most ESG efficient changes in the fishfarming industry.

Hav Line, the owner of Norwegian Gannet, is a joint venture between Sekkingstad and one of our key salmon suppliers.

This is also a salmon

We use 100% of the salmon. We do not spill a single gram of our favourite fish. When we produce salmon burgers with a variety from 100% mince to 100% bits and pieces, it is quality, reduced food waste and great taste combined.

Land based salmon project with Quality Salmon

We are part of the team that invents one of the most exciting land based salmon projects. It is a vison of realizing the world larges circular plant for producing quality salmon.



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