All our factories have locations that give them the benefit of being close to the market. We reach all the markets in the world within 3 days.

H112 Fjord Processing

H-112 is situated at the westcoast of Norway, 30 minutes by car from Bergen city.

Focus areas at H-112
  • Harvesting /packing whole gutted salmon and salmon trout
  • Pre Rigor filleting
  • Freezing whole gutted salmon, salmon trout and fillets

DK 4948 EF Skagerak Processing

The factory is situated in Denmark, Hirtshals. DK 4948 EF is a state-of-the-art Value added processing factory with high tech processing’s machines. We have chosen to have lines from both of the leading machine producers, Baader and Marel, which gives us the best out of both worlds.

Focus areas at DK

  • Fresh and frozen fillet
  • Fresh and frozen portion
  • Consumer packaging
  • Privat label

DK 6376 EC Havline Processing

Havline is the packing station for the revolutionary harvesting vessel Norwegian Gannet (For more information, please see the Havline movie under Innovation). DK 6376 EC is top modern factory with the newest high tech machinery you can find. Fully automatic.

Focus areas as

  • Fresh and frozen whole salmon
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