The early years

Konrad Sekkingstad started with fishing boats and trading lobster and wild salmon bought from local fishermen. Soon he expanded and built a lobster park and a freezing house for salmon to meet season requirements.

The next generation takes over

Working from dawn to dusk he gradually built up his business. His sons, Magne, Olav and John were also involved in the business. In 1954 Konrad got ill. He had cancer and died late the same year, only 55 years old. At this stage the company had grown from being a local processor and sales company to also do import and export of seafood. When Konrad died Magne, at the age of 26 took over as manager of the company.

The start of a new era

Through the next decades the company expanded the business into fisheries, canning and other activities. In the 1960’s fish farming was at pioneering stage in Norway. Sekkingstad started farming rainbow trout and later salmon. This was the start of a new era.

Sekkingstad today

Based on the existing business with wild salmon, it did not take long before Magne took a leading role also with farmed salmon and salmon trout. The farm was sold in the late 1990s to focus on processing and trading salmon.

In 1993 Magne decided to retire and his sons Konrad, Dag and Bård took over. Further developments, expansions and acquisitions were made and today Sekkingstad is one of the world leading independent salmon processing and trading companies. Still curious to learn and s new things.

In Sekkingstad we like to say, “We are old, but fit as fiddle!”



Sekkingstad was founded


Import and export of seafood starts


Farming of salmon and trout starts


Orkney Seafoods acquired


“Fresher than fresh” launched in the US


H112 acquired


Salmon Exporter of the Year Award


Biorefining (Biomega) at H112 starts


Turnover exceeds 1 billion NOK


Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Hav Line project starts


Plot acquired at Hirtshals harbour


Skagerak Salmon acquired


Norwegian Gannet was baptized


Skagerak processing established


Special landing facility added at H112


FVAP production starts

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