At Skagerak Salmon A/S we produce high quality salmon products for both retailers and wholesalers worldwide. We wish to be the customers’ preferred supplier in the global market for value added fresh and frozen salmon products. We specialize in fulfilling our customers’ demands and developing custom made product solutions in cooperation with our customers.

We are the responsible choice for our customers’ salmon supply. Sustainability lies in the core of our organization. We emphasize corporation, mutual respect and understanding in the business relation. Also, we care for the environment, our employees as well as food safety legislation and work around the clock to maintain a healthy business to ensure stability for all of our stakeholders.


Skagerak Salmon AS is uniquely positioned with its modern state-of-the-art factory and a geographical location in Hirtshals, in northern Denmark, with easy access to raw materials from Norway and good highway infrastructure for terminal deliveries at ports and airports, as well as customer destinations across Europe.

Product range

We source only the best raw material from our Norwegian, Scottish and Icelandic suppliers and always aim for high product quality. Beside the broad range of fresh and frozen salmon VAP products and whole, gutted salmon, we also cut salmon trout products. All products are produced post rigor and from farmed fish. In addition to high quality value added products, we can do a big variety of packaging, including private label.


Due to our modern, state of the art production facilities and high capacity of approx. 20,000 tons fish a year, we are able to efficiently carry out both small and large scale productions and at the same time meet specific customer demands. Hence, making our production agile and effective, enabling us to position Skagerak Salmon as one of the most competent players amongst producers of value added salmon and trout products in the world.

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